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    Our Mission Your Vision

    We are Web And Mobile app development team, a heart for service, and a knack for solving problems

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    future of web design company
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    Freelancer web developer

    Build Your Mobile App.

    Creating quite stunning Mobile experiences with Clean & Valid code, latest technologies, always up-to-date Apps that excel in high-complexity environments

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  • 4 Steps For A Better Web Development

    We have developed a simple four-step process to create experiences that are attractive, simple to use, and drive results for your company. Strategy, Design, Development and Execution.

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    Provide us your detailed project specifications we will be more than happy to provide you with a flat rate price.

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Entire project is based on idea; we make your ideas practical with technical experts. Through analysis needed at this stage.


Designing is something that is extremely crucial. We ensure latest, responsive and business catalyzing designs.


We have team of web and app developers who are well trained. Regular workshops are organized to keep them updated.


Quality assurance is an important phase because eventually everything depends on the performance. We have team of web and app testers.


We meet deadlines and quality is guaranteed. Our right approach has led us to emerge as the best company in Bangalore for website designing and development.

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100% Unique website Designing and Reliable Web Development Services

Eorb Solution is into web design, web development, video animation, brochure design, graphics design, mobile app development and numerous other web services. We have completed more than ten years of excellent services as we have been amongst few companies who got their establishment in 2000. Over the years, we have seen many emerging and disappearing technologies though we have successfully retained our reputation. We have client base from local business owner in Bangalore to established companies in USA.

Which things you must check before hiring company?
  • How focused company is, for their research and development section?
  • •
  • Is company allowing you to check project progress in between? Remember era of waterfall model gone now it is Agile which is everywhere. Your approach should be also like Agile, you should test whenever you want to.
  • •
  • Never forget to check company’s portfolio? Rating should be also checked through different platforms. Be aware about bogus ratings because those are also done by marketing team.
  • •
  • Ask them for testing team in company? Which type of testing tools they are using? Are those tools needed for your project?
  • • •
Why Us for web services?
  • We are company with different approach.
  • •
  • 10+ years of experience in this field
  • •
  • Developed numerous projects, which got wide appreciation.
  • •
  • Client can check work progress whenever needed.
  • •
  • Team of manual and automated testers ensure quality.

You should be a good buyer and that will happen only when you will raise questions. We are company that believe in producing more than worth. Use the best services in Bangalore for website design and development.

Tried numerous Companies for website Design? Enjoy Best Designing Services at cost of freelancer.

Don't confuse, speak to our web consultant now.
We understand how so-called companies have started business-gimmick by editing existing web themes for their clients. It is quite common nowadays that companies do slight modification in existing website and present them as unique website before client. Only EORB gives you written guarantee that we have done website from scratch.


Why do clients go unsatisfied from web design companies?

  • Design not as per expectation.
  • Improper research for project. This is the main reason why, research and development is essential.
  • Color, navigation, menu and other components not as per client requirements.
  • Website is not responsive for surfing on mobiles. One must check responsiveness for cross platforms. Errors in responsiveness be checked by testing team.
  • Website not business appealing. Eventually website is for business purpose and it must look genuine.
  • Website not working properly on different bandwidth connection.
  • Too many script errors.

Why Web development is more crucial than website designing?

  • Development of website is far more complex than designing same.
  • Small code manipulation brings big changes for website development.
  • If there is any problem in designing part then it can let website to look odd or fade while error in development will lead to improper functionaly..
  • Once can easily fix designing problems while development can annoy you.

What are guidelines for web designers to complete their job successfully?

  • Be creative every time.
  • Do research as per theme of website. See hundreds of websites before starting your work. Don’t make any prototype but collect good small elements from different sources..
  • Don’t be a part of tradition rather create a new tradition.
  • Color combination should be finalized with client because eventually client satisfaction is needed.
  • Responsiveness is must have feature nowadays so it must be there.

Which points web developers should focus while website development?

  • Web development is all about functionality so make it smooth.
  • Encapsulation should be used as much as possible.
  • Object-oriented approach should be used at best.
  • Function code should be written with comments for easy detection.
  • No copy paste of code. It could bring malicious things inside.
  • Website is all about coding so let it be clear and perfect.

How Bangalore Managed to be the most preferred spot for ecommerce, portal and various types of web development?

Why Bangalore should be opted for website development rather than any other city in India?

Reason is quite simple that Bangalore has maximum number of companies so obviously you can select one which suits you better than others. Web development services are available at quite cheap rate.

Why web development companies in Bangalore have emerged in very huge number?

In 80’s when India started emerging as the international venue for software/web development then many companies as associate started emerging in Bangalore and NCR region. These small companies actually work as subsidiary for main company. Small web development companies in Bangalore and NCR are not struggling on Upwork and peopleperhour to bag projects.

Where we see Bangalore in web development niche after 8-10 years?

More companies and individual/freelancer web developers will come in Bangalore. As market is growing, service providers for web also getting in high number. Question is: are freelancer web developers in Bangalore going to do better than small companies of web development?

In which suburbs of Bangalore, web development companies are concentrated?

You can check in Koramangala, Indira nagar, Jaynagar, JP nagar, Bellundur, Fraser town. Best way is to search through Google and find small company that suits your budget and requirements.

Is it true that few web development companies in Bangalore involved in scams as reported by leading channels?

In third world, nothing runs without bug. There can be few but it does not mean, all web design companies are using wrong means.

Phrases like "God Unbelievable website this is" are quite common whenever anyone sees our website. You imagine for your website design and development and we will make that practical. In Android app development, no other company in Bangalore matches our quality. Furthermore, I would like to add check us our testimonial, speak to our experts as we are open for free web consultation, before hiring any so-called company.

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