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15 Designing Tools, Which We are Forgetting

These days, web designing tools have got extremely advanced as technology has got extra rise. Time has gone when we use to have consideration that work very hard and only then you will get something. Nowadays, you should work smartly rather than hard. Various small tools like Firebug will be used in the process so that you can acquire what you would be eyeing to have.

This article has been written differently so you should keep this thing in consideration and here we are going to focus on those tools which have potential but less discussed. Let us go one by one:

1. Click Chart Tool: this is a perfect tool for CSS3 professionals. Using this tool, you will get elaboration about all the attributes of the CSS3. With this tool, confusion while using cascading style sheet can be avoided.


2. Patternizer Tool: you would be remembering the Photoshop patterns but that one is not here. This one is a different, which can give you perfect idea regarding the design to appear. You generate stripes with the help of this tool. You can give different types of shades and checks as needed.


3. CodeKit: this is a tool used in MAC with the SASS. You get optimized imaging on the website layout. There have been many small things that you would have to go through while using this tool so use the best of tools. Go through some video tutorials because that can be extremely effective.


4. Basecamp: this is mainly an app for the project management but it can do wonders for many designing applications also. This app is getting huge acceptability all across the globe and now it’s your turn to make the best use it. If you are working on team for the website designing then this thing should be used at its best.


5. Boilerplate for HTML5: it is quite clear that we cannot imagine web designing without HTML5. This works mainly as template and guides you what exactly you should do to get the things right with your designing needs.


6. Google Rich Snippets: this is a designing as well as SEO tool because through this tool you come to know that how your website looks like in the Google’s search results.


7. Sprite Box: this tool is helpful in generating CSS3 sprite. First of all you have to upload sprite image that you have created. Using this tool, you can quickly preview your elements on the action.


8. XRAY: Through this tool, you get box model information. This tool is quite easy to use as you can use it on the base of drop and drag. A popup comes with various possible information that you can have quite easily.


9. Primer: this is a perfect tool to get the things right with your HTML and CSS coding. You can simply put your HTML code and your CSS will be separated out so that you can edit and get the page as per your imagination.


10. Adobe Brackets: for developers of the HTML, JavaScript & CSS, this is a perfect tool to go with. You will get quick edit option using this tool so you can enjoy the things fast. As this tool is created and maintained by the Adobe itself so there is no room to make any complain anywhere in its functionality.


11. CodePen: this is a perfect tool to edit front end code. Like others again you can edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This is an extremely useful tool to get the bugs detected in the website.


12. Opera Emulator: as clear by name, this is a testing tool for opera surfing. You surf website in this tool and you get an option to select the device and you get live idea.


13. Cloud 9 IDE: this is an online development environment that will be used by the developers. This tool has come with a mission that all moves should be done so as to get things right with the development.

14. Website validater: W3C validator is something that is extremely popular to get your errors out of your website. This tool shows where your website is going with error and you can improve those things.


15. Plagiarism Checker: this is a perfect tool to check anything if you have copied data on your website. Simply enter your website and you will get all the details whatever you would be looking to have.

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