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How to Develop a Unique Website?

There has been many possible ways through which one can develop a website. First thing, you will have to do is to select a platform for the website? Nowadays, we are not dependent on the HTML only for the website building as there are many platforms, which are quite easily available and free also.

Let me show you a picture then you will be able to analyze exact usage of different content management system.


WordPress has captured more than fifty percent of entire market. On the second position it is DRUPAL, which is also quite important and widely used. Third position is JOOMLA, which is close to seven percent. Various reasons are behind the success of these platforms so let you access them all one by one:
• Even if you don’t know the HTML code, you can create a website quite easily.
• These platforms are free to use and easily accessible whenever you need.
• Access management is also a feature that is associated with this platform.
• Easily, you can access this platform using various features like media uploads.
• Using this CMS platform, you can run your website quite easily in few minutes.
If you don’t want to use any of these CMS then better to go for the HTML5. There are many articles quite easily available through internet and you can find different comparisons done for the web development technologies.
Never go for the free website development because there are many things that are restricted in those options. Let me list out some of the things that are important in the process. You might have seen that people who consider small aspects often go wrong while doing website development.
• If you use any of the available free platforms then you may get limited access to the website. You cannot customize it widely as you will be able to do using a paid theme. One funny thing, I will let you know that your website will be hosted with some other website means you will just enjoy some pages in other website.
• If you use their services then they may ask for some money and you will get prohibited from using many other concerned services. While doing all the management tricks, you may find that there are many small things in the website that need to be understand. Overall, if we say that there are certain small aspects, which people have to understand before using any free service provider for websites.
• If you want to use additional services then you will have to pay some additional amount, which is always frustrating for people. Considering things for the customization, people often get frustrated while doing this thing.
If you are not a computer expert then still you can for the website development. Follow steps as written below so that you can enjoy what you would be eyeing to have?

• First step is selection of right platform. You must go for one of the three platforms, which I have already written like WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc.
• Second step is to install that platform on the server where you are looking for hosting. Install platform and then go ahead.
• Third step is to select a theme on which you want to work on. There may be many themes but you have to select one that looks good as per your requirements.
• Final step is customization so go for it and enjoy the things that you would be eyeing to have.

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