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Latest Trends in Web Development for 2015

Obviously, this year will be of change where you will find many changes in the web technology. Speed of application along with many other things will be considered while development of new age technologies. Let me take you through the glimpses of the new age technology:


  • 3D website designing: you would be aware that nowadays, browsers are supporting three dimensional graphics on the web pages. It is not a tough task, if you are an expert of CSS3. This year we may get better gaming experiences online because earlier we were mainly dependant on the various applications.
  • HTML 5 JAVASCRIPT API: let me list out some of the important features that you will enjoy with the help of hyper text markup language. We will get better option for the data storage in the browser itself.


  • Java script was mainly a client side scripting but its new version is going to be one with the effect on the server side also. Simplicity is going to be one of the feature for this scripting language because there would be many small things, which you need to care so as to come with the perfect results.
  • We may see that front end framework will also change. Management of things through the website would be quite easy.
  • Responsiveness of the HTML 5: obviously, this thing is going to play a major role in the website development. Nowadays people go mainly for the mobile handsets and this may give some extra edge for the HTML5 websites.


  • Creative with cookies: you might be thinking about some other cookies but we are on the right track when it comes to the cookies of the browsers. You may find that many new things will happen with the cookies.
  • Drag and drop option using the browsers: for various functionalities of the browsers like bookmarking etc, there will be a simple drag and drop option.

These are just predictions so it is still hard to say anything about the change in the development but it is quite sure that this is going to be the year of users. All users will enjoy extra benefits that you might be looking for in the new age technology.


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