How Challenging is first app ( Android, iOS )development?

Android development system is divided into three main parts named as context, activity and intent. One must be master in all these three sections so as to grip on the application development. Different available functionalities inside the Android are called activity and each activity has a unique purpose in the overall working of application. Here we will take example of a game that is to be designed by us. First of all we will identify all possible screens of the game:

  • Splash: this is the first and most known screen option because it is available in all types of apps. Here you will see name of application, their graphics and some music too.
  • Menu: this is the second option and here you will get all navigations to know more about the game and various functionalities.
  • Play: this is the screen where game gets executed. Game is played here, this is considered as the most challenging part for any Android or iPhone developer.
  • Stats: here you will find highest score, various challenges, difficulty levels and many other game associated things.
  • Help: this is the screen where you will get assistance in case you get any problem in the execution of the application.

There is no fix screen system in real, you can get the things as per requirements inside the blog. You can add or delete some of the options as per your requirements. User response is critical and it should be accessed with extreme care, you don’t have to annoy users with execution of application. Application resources store all corresponding files in repository. Implementation of applications’ functionality is critical. Three main challenges in the execution are as below:

  • How to control application states?
  • How to save settings?
  • How to launch various inside activities?

Application context is like central resource system for the various functionalities. If you want to retrieve application context then you will have to use Context = getjarContexts();

Be conscious about the various memory leak issues.

AdminPreference setting = getadminPreferences("AppsPreference", MODE_PUBLIC);PERSONALPreferences.Editorial prefEditor = settings.modify();prefEditorial.releaseStrings("Bangalore", "Android");prefEditor.putBoolean("HasCredits", true);prefEditor.commit(); SharedPreferences settings = getSharedPreferences("GamePrefs", MODE_PRIVATE);String userName = settings.fetchString("Apps development", "iOS. (Default)");

iOS and Android offers great difference in the application development system. We have tried to draw a rough sketch of what is associated with the app development process. Bangalore, India has maximum number of companies amongst all destinations for the development of various Android and iOS based apps.

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