What are Fine Aspects Apps Development Platform Android?

Whenever we hear about APPS development then a lot of imaginations go through us. People who would be not much aware about the development and designing of applications will definitely wander about this thing. Here we are going to collect some unique aspects regarding Android apps development companies. Know fine aspects of Android Apps development before you go ahead:

  • Android is based on the Linux Kernel.
  • In the beginning Android was only for the touch screen mobiles and tablets later many keypad based devices also came in action.
  • Virtual keyboard option is always available with Android OS.
  • Android TV, Android Auto, Android wear and many other launches of the Android were also successful.
  • In entire world, Android stands number one in the tally while in US alone it stands number two after iOS.
  • Google had come in action with this platform in the year 2005.
  • Google play has served maximum for Android applications till date. There had been more than 60 billion downloads and count still going high.
  • More than 70 percent of total app developer professionals are into Android only.
  • Latest survey in US shows that 41percent newly graduate see their luxurious career in the application development industry of Android.
  • This OS comes with open source license.
  • Improper update system is still a major problem with the Android based OS.
  • C, C++, JAVA are main languages used for the process.
  • Came first in the September 2008.
  • Latest update was in October 2015 some one month ago.
  • Android is available in more 70 languages.
  • Initially this OS was planned only for the cameras but later it brought things practical for the mobile phones.
  • People in the foundation team are Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick sears, Chris white.
  • In the beginning, this OS had come to compete with the Symbian.
  • Google had spent more than $50 million to buy this OS. After buying, they never revealed what exactly they are going to do with this?
  • In 2007, Google had filed many patent applications for the things related to operating system.
  • Android platform is developed in the Linux kernel.
  • Current CEO of Google is Sunder Pichai, and Indian origin person.
  • Android one had been launched in the year 2014.
  • Later Brillo came in the year of 2015.
  • All apps are written using Android software development kit.
  • GO programming language also came in action with Android.
  • Eclipse is the associated IDE.
  • Google play store works also for the third party.
  • More than 50 billion applications have been already installed in the Google play.
  • ARM architecture officially supports Android.
  • Green and white colors are generally used for the packaging of Android.
  • Irina Blok has developed logo of Android.
  • On the average, every seventh month, Android gets updated.
  • Android generally uses 3.5 version of Linux kernel.
  • Wakelock is a unique feature of the Android.
  • Internal news came that Android team of developers are fed with the system.
  • Linus Torvalds always dreamed to bring Android and Linux on common kernel.
  • Flash storage system of Android is also unique in compare to other operating system.
  • Association of Android developers is called AOSP.
  • Sandbox permission system is unique and important for the Android developers.
  • Marshmallow allows various other privacy and secure features.
  • It is totally a rumor that Android is prone to malware by security software companies.
  • Google Bouncer is used to scan apps on the Google play store.
  • Jelly bean had come with extra security features.
  • McAfee, AVG and all other security companies have come out with apps for the Android.
  • Android easily detects Wi-Fi connectivity points.
  • Angry Birds is one of the most popular apps on the Google Play.

Android scope in Bangalore is also skiing as many apps development companies have come for the same.

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