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Some Interesting FAQs of Web Development Company Bangalore

Here we have collected many questions, which are mainly concerned with the website development companies in Bangalore city,

How to identify right web designing company?

Check for their certification with agencies like ISO, check for the Google and other reviews, which their buyers have left. You will have to check for fake reviews too. Strength of employees and age of company are also factors, which should be checked.

Which area of Bangalore has got more companies for website designing?

Possibly it is the southern part of Bangalore with areas like Koramangala, Bellundur, Kudlu etc. These areas have IT parks as well as many small companies so one can go with them. Price depends on the type of company you select.

Can I get small projects done by renowned companies?

It is better to select company as per strength of project so that you can avoid unnecessary problems.

Does Google always show right companies in their listing?

No, Google’s work is only to produce search result. It should be noted that there are many fine aspects which people often forget. Never trust any advertisement or Google’s suggested websites.

How can I speak to old clients of any web development company?

This is tough task to do because company will never tell you about their unhappy clients. They will always show the positive or favorable side of them. You can check their online profiles from where they are getting projects like upwork, freelancer, odesk, scriptlance, guru etc. If you check their profile then you can get idea about their old buyers. There is one more trick, often companies leave their name and URL on the website they create so check backlink of website. This is a new way to check about old connections. There are many tools online through which you can check linking websites.

What about possibility of errors or improper functionality of website after development?

Whenever you get your website developed then ask your company to perform test for the quality assurance. They will make it sure that website is functioning right under various circumstances. In case you get any problem at later stage then it would be because of malware or hackers. In any case, you should contact back your company and ask them to resolve the issue.

What is difference between web development and web designing?

Roughly you understand that designing is mainly concerned with the appearance and development is concerned with the functionality of website. Designing is considered to be an easy part while development is complicated one where people often struggle. Web design has fix scope while development is highly dynamic.

How a layman should manage website development process?

Internet is the best source of information so use it. Apart from internet, first think and imagine about your website, how your website should be? First you find the website that appeals you and then start finding where you want further betterment.

Has Karnataka or India government have set any quality parameter for web development companies?

NO, there is nothing like this. Quality checks by government are mainly for eatables. Recently Nestle products have been found suspicious so now they are under check. There are standard parameters for the website development and we don’t see anything in near future. Things will go as it is going now.

Is there any separate law in India to deal with web/software companies?

There is no strong law till now but there are many cyber laws, which can be used. For this, it would be better, if you contact any lawyer.

What can I expect in my website?

Your website depends on your imagination so you have to decide what you want to get. There are many companies, which are working on the base, “you image, and we develop”. Now website development has reached a new era because of various advancements.

What about difference in technologies, which are used for the website development?

You don’t have to worry for this thing because technology matters for developers, for webmaster it is functionality. Most of the companies use PHP because it is easy to use and free while other technologies may be also used as per demand in website.

Why Bangalore is favorite destination for website developers?

Because this is a city with hundreds of engineering colleges so manpower is not a problem. On the other hand, other Indian cities are going short of qualified manpower. Bangalore will still grow at rapid pace as more investment in software/web development as well as education industry.

Will ASP, PERL, PYTHON like paid development technologies produce better results?

NO, you should understand that PHP has its limitation and because of this factor these technologies have emerged. From the beginning, PHP and ASP are active in market.

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