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We are aware of very popular term “Digital Detox”. Nowadays, we see people most of the time spending their time with mobile. Whether it be games, social media or any other aspect, it is always engaging. Because of improper time management, we often get forced to leave some of our important work. TimeoutApp is a perfect option that will keep check on your engagements with the mobile. With regular alerts from mobile, you can easily manage your activities. This app actually works on A2P messaging system for alerts. This mobile app is primarily intended for the mobile de-addiction and parental control.

Some popular features of this mobile app are as listed below:

  • Manually set time: users can set time. Default timing is 15 minutes while maximum time is one hour.
  • Continuation of the current work: even if you get alert about the time, you can still continue to work and ignore alert for some time.
  • Exit: this is also one of the options, whenever alert pops up users can also opt for the exit.
  • Reset: one can also opt for the reset before the set time.
  • Timeout Analysis: analysis is quite important because user should know where exactly time is spending. With use of pie chart, users come to know, how to manage their time efficiently?
  • Application on share: this is also one of the options because users can share time management with their friends quite easily

Eventually this is a complete package for those people who struggle to manage time because of their addiction with the mobile. This is a complete solution where user can easily manage mobile usage.

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