Brand/ Logo Design Services - Brand serve as an instant reminder of a company/ product

Your first impression lasts – Reflecting the core values of your company in its visual communication is of upmost importance, it says huge amounts about your company and its products or services. Whether you are seen online, in print, at an exhibition or via multimedia, it is so important to have a logo that encompasses your business 'message' in the most powerful and memorable way. It also needs to be fit for purpose in its use across all media from stationery to van livery, from leaflets to websites.

Logo design is a critical component of a company's visual identity. A well-designed logo can help establish brand recognition and convey a company's values, mission, and personality. Logo design services typically include the following steps: a)Research and planning: Understanding the client's business, target audience, and competitors. b)Concept creation: Generating initial design ideas and sketches. c)Refinement: Refining the chosen concept based on feedback and revisions. d)Finalization: Presenting the final design and delivering the files in various formats for use on different mediums. e)Brand guidelines: Creating a set of guidelines for consistent usage of the logo across different applications.

Some logo design services in Bangalore also offer branding packages that include additional design elements such as typography, color schemes, and imagery, to create a comprehensive visual identity for the business. It's important to choose a logo design service that has experience in creating logos for businesses in your industry and a portfolio of successful designs

At eORB Solutions, our experience in Brand creation and production in all formats will ensure your Brand is not only seen and remembered but is suitable for whatever its end use.

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